Poverty reduction

Tailoring training

Embrace Us Project provides tailoring skills to teen mothers from distress and under-served families. It enables them to attain skills that help them to start tailoring cooperatives and earn a sustainable living.

Nutrition and bakery empowerment

Embrace Us Project provides bakery and nutrition skills to teen mothers that enable them to balance diets of their children and start up small scale bakery related businesses that lead to their self-sustainability.

  • Skills Empowerment: Embrace Us Project provides tailoring and bakery training to teen mothers from distressed and underserved families, equipping them with marketable skills and empowering them to start their own cooperative or small-scale businesses.

  • Nutrition Empowerment: The project Offers nutrition skills and knowledge to teen mothers, enabling them to balance the diets of their children and promote healthy nutrition practices. This empowers them to improve the well-being of their families and potentially start small-scale bakery businesses for sustainable income generation.

  • Self-Sustainability: Supporting individuals in breaking the cycle of poverty by providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to become self-sufficient. By imparting practical skills and empowering them to establish their own businesses, we aim at promoting economic independence and long-term poverty reduction.

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Education & child mentorship

Talent detection " Children have talents which are not some times detected and development at tender stage. Our focus therefore is to detect children’s talents through promotion of creative activities.

  • Talent detection: We provide career guadence to children from underserved communities. We also engage them in talent detecting activities such as art and craft, sports and music; we support them to develop their talents.

  • Inclusive education: Embrace Us Project promotes inclusive education through awareness of rights of children and teen mothers with disabilities.

  • Education support: To reduce on the number of pupils dropping out of school due lack of scholastic materials, we provide scholastic materials to less advantaged school going children.

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Advocacy and awareness

Embrace Us Project provides advocacy and awareness of the rights of children, teen mothers and adults with disabilities on social services such as accessibility, education and medication.

  • Accessibility: Promoting equal access to physical spaces, services, and opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

  • Education: Ensuring inclusive and quality education for children, teen mothers and adults with disabilities.

  • Medication: Advocating for accessible and affordable medication and healthcare services for individuals with disabilities.

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